The apprenticeship is of great importance at Drahtwerk Elisental. Our apprentices are almost always offered a regular employment after finishing their apprenticeship. Each recruitment of young talents means at the same time actively counteracting the shortage of skilled labour. We accept this responsibility and encourage but also challenge our apprentices throughout the entire apprenticeship.

With our annual apprentices day we honour our apprentices’ achievements. During an excursion we undertake with our Management, the supervisors and the apprentices the emphasis is on having fun and promoting team spirit.

During the entire apprenticeship our apprentices are advised and supported by experienced and competent trainers.

Elisental regularly offers apprenticeships for the following professions (m/f/d):

Industrial careers requiring vocational training:

Commercial careers requiring vocational training:

As recognition for our successful work regarding vocational training we have repeatedly been awarded the seal “Outstanding Achievement in Vocational Training”.

Please see our flyer on vocational training for further information.